Saturday, 4 May 2013

Pitelli - home!

Now is the time to write about our abode in the 5-T - the Cinque Terra - so here goes.

One of the Bunch Boys from Wangaratta, Dave Montgomery, had suggested the Hotel Doria in Lerici. He and Jacinta stayed there last year and they said it was a good jumping-off point for the 5-T. They were far from wrong.

Grazyna had been tasked with the job of finding accommodation for us and she really put the creative juices to work. Long story short, Graz found THE PERFECT PLACE. High on the hill overlooking the Ligura Sea, perched high on the hill in a national park, this Villa Rosa (as it is called - I kid you not) had The View to Die For! Down to the left lies Lerici. Right in front is Muggiano, in the distance is Portovenere and out to sea are the ships, boats and ferries.

Pre Dinner Drinks (PDDs), lunch and breakfast can all be taken on the patio overlooking the splendor below. It was a little on the remote side, did not possess a kettle or have wi-fi, but everything else about it was wonderful. YOU LITTLE BEWDY GRAZ! Just check the photos! Look on Google Earth. The closest town is Pitelli.

Also perched on the ridge high above the 'action' below on the coast is a restaurant called Pin Bon. A seafood restaurant that was delightful in all respects. Eight 'first plates', comprising lots of delicious little thingies. THEN. Second plate of as many scampi and prawns and fish as you needed. On our first visit I had a second helping, cooked separately, vigorously encouraged by the gorgeous waiter Lorenzo, for whom nothing was too much trouble. Desserts were then produced and later a complementary limoncello! The view was the same as ours at Villa Rosa. Splendiferous!

We definitely needed a car for this accommodation. This little extra cost was well worth it though, especially with two couples involved.

Just check he photos. You will soon see what I mean.


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