Saturday, 4 May 2013

San Fruttuoso

San Fruttuoso can only be reached on foot or by ferry. Having driven west, we caught a ferry, sailed in to the cove and walked out. On May Day. Lots of Italians had made the decision to spend their holiday in this way and had made a bee-line for the beautiful port of Camogli. Looking at the craggy cliffs as we sailed around to the cove, our hearts knew that another enormous walk lay ahead.

... but only after a bite to eat and a coffee and an ice cream at the little cove. From the observation point afforded by the cafe/restaurant, we observed the frolicsome activities of Italians at play on the beach. Not too much swimming - the water much too cold - but lots of lying on sun lounges (no sand here, only rocks) and stone-throwing into the water by little boys. One older chap went in the water, slowly slowly - just like DJ does - and finally plunged in. Very soon after there occurred more chap-plunging, probably because they had been out-maneuvered by an older man (around 62-year-old) and were feeling as though un-manned. Go the older chap!

The walk out comprised, as predicted, lots of up. Right to the tippy top of the mountain and down the other side. Through lovely green forest and one surprisingly remote cafe. Many holiday makers had taken refreshment at this cafe as we would well have done had we known of its existence. They passed us moving down as we made our way up.

The walk back down to Camogli, where we had parked the car, took us down narrow lanes and past gardens that one can only dream of in happy dreams about Italian gardens and narrow windey lanes. We found a tiny delicatessen (I don't know the word in Italian) and bought the makings for an omelette. [This turned out to be a disaster because we didn't get enough eggs and the pan was coming apart at the base.] Back to the car, drive for yonks on the autostrade and back home to Pitelli (look this up on Google Maps).

These have been endless days of head-pillow-hit-immediate sleep!

The last photo here shows an example of trompe l'oeuil (in French), of which there are many in and around these here parts.


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