Saturday, 4 May 2013


... and so it has come to pass. Our last day and the last blog.

We had out in some very strenuous days walking and decided to take it easy on the last and final (yes, both of these) days. Drive down to Lerici, walk along the promenade, visit whatever castles were open and generally Kick Back.

I shall let the photos tell some of the story, and here are some descriptions:

Grazyna engages in some vigorous discussion (in fluent Italian) about parking times and prices with some locals;
A lady chats with some chums;
A chap with an Australian wife runs a little fish and chip caboose;
A fishing smack lands and unloads its catch;
A couple plants geraniums in the wall cavity/planter;
A huge seagull nesting in the walls of the Lerici castle gets angry at perceived human interference with its nesting duties two chicks and a few eggs under her/him.
A last photo of Andy and Grazyna on one of our walks.

... And that really is all there is to tell in the blog. Other great things happened and lots of ordinary events took place, but there is no time and we are both running out of energy sitting here at Heath Row. Still two hours to take-off and nothing more to do now that the blog is finished.

By Jiminy Cricket, are we ever looking forward to getting home and catching up with chums! Look out for some pretty Huge Hugs! Hell, why not have us over for dinner? Put on a lovely meal and we can fill in a few of the blogger gaps. Now THAT sounds like a PLAN!

See you then!


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