Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Daffodil thieves

WHO would ever think of DJ as a Daffodil Thief? Well, it's very sad to say, but its TRUE!! I shouldn't be surprised, really, because she does have FORM in this regard.

There was a time on an earlier trip when DJ and another friend whose moral compass I rate at a high level - Nada Cunningham - leapt a fence and gathered poppies from the roadside.

DJ and Susan Anderson once ripped down a poster advertising an art exhibition in Haute Provence (concluded the week before, to be fair) and took it for her own use.

... So here we see DJ AT IT AGAIN, this time with the assistance of GRAZYNA KULIG! Attached find the PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE of this nefarious behaviour.

Dear Jude, I arks you: "What would happen if EVERYONE who went by picked the daffodils!???


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