Friday, 12 April 2013

Land's End

Land's End is a singular experience! You recall that we dipped down there as a codicil to Day Two. You CANNIT BELIEVE the tawdriness of the place! I know I'm being harsh, but the number of skanky shops full of plastic glumph has to be seen to be believed! There is a pirate experience much like a ghost train ride that stars Brian Blessed - with beard and belly-laugh - roaring at passers-by to "Come on in" and see the show. The holiday-makers leaving this show did not have the expression of people who had been excited out of their tree. [Much the same as those leaving the Ned Kelly show in Glenrowan, I bet!]

You see I cannot understand what is so special about the western-most tip of any country. ["If that's the case why did YOU go there, GRAEME?"]. Apparently it is only in relatively recent history that a bluff a little to the north - Cape Cornwall - was thought to be "Land's End. A little more research by geographers determined that it lies where it is now. So there you go.

The one other amazing thing about the current Land's End is the number of "first and lasts", as in "First and last house in England"; "First and last Post Office in England". A little further inland is the "First and last Inn in England" ... And so on. Maybe there are more of these! You will just have to come and see for yourselves ...


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