Friday, 26 April 2013

Restaurant Montrachet

One-Hat-Michelin. One-Hat-Michlin!! Did you hear that!??? DJ and I have done it. TWICE! One-Hat-Michelin. "How did this come to pass?", I hear you ask. Well, I shall tell you.

We knew about Resaurant Montrachet from our trusty bike hire chaps - Florian and Cedric, and had cycled past some time last year, pausing only to press our noses up against the window pane. This time we made plans to EAT THERE. Think of THAT!

Andy and Graz and we two tootled down one day in a hire car, and Roger and Anna and we two (again) cycled down one week later plus one day. That is, on Wednesday one week and Thursday the next. Twice WAS a little over the top, but R & A's son Hugh had just won a job at Vue de Monde in Melbourne and we were desperate for some bragging rights with him.

Well I have to say that I completely enjoyed the experience, even though I am certainly NOT the type of chap who enjoys fine dining (said as one would imagine Christopher Pyne saying it). There was more style evident these days as one would encounter anywhere on the north-western hemisphere. Thee courses were interleaved with palate-refreshers to absolutely die for! The courses themselves, it goes without saying, were delicious. All for the bargain-basement price of 28 euros! This smacks very much of a loss-leader to me, and probably was, but it allowed a pleb like moi to cut it with the hoi-polloi, if only for a couple of hours (times two).

It most likely that I will never again experience a Michelin anything ever again in my life, unless Hughy Allen invites me to a nosh-up in some high-faloutin' restaurant he runs for Shannon Bennett. And I don't deserve it - let's make that clear.

Looking great was easier last week with Andy and Graz because we were in a car on our way to Vezelay. With the Allens it was tricky because we were on our bikes, but with good clobber in bike bags and backpacks. A convenient park near an ancient cemetery provided the cover we needed for a quick change prior to sashaying in. Afterwards the gang used the conveniences, while I quickly changed my dacks in the street while watching the bikes.

That's enough for now. I'll leave you with a few shots from the trusty iPhone.


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