Thursday, 11 April 2013

Pendeen Watch to Sennen Cove

Pendeen to Sennen Cove today. Moira set us off with a cheery wave as we headed back to the coast to pick up the yellow acorn markers to guide our way along the South Coast Path. These acorns were not the only way-pointers, I have to point out, as some woman or other (it could only be a female) left gleaming white tissues on the track. Well, MOSTLY gleaming white, if you catch my drift.

While Day 1 was noted for its smugglers coves and Secret Seven caves, Day 2 was highlighted ("high lit"?) with ancient, ruined brick engine houses and chimneys, left over from the dismal mining days. Dismal it must have been. One photo showed a bunch of women huddled outside a mine shaft waiting for news of 15 miners who had plunged to their doom in an elevator whose cable had snapped. Another plaque told of miners who dug for ore in a mine that tunneled out under the sea. Apparently they could hear waves breaking above their heads. THINK OF THAT!

As we approached Sennen Cove a number of surfers appeared, much to our amazed gazes. They were resplendent in wetsuits and handled the waves with grace and aplomb. Probably more aplomb than grace, although the latter was in evidence. I wish I could do that!

With surfers to ogle on our right, we nearly missed a fenced-off breeding site for adders. Apparently they like to nest under sheets of corrugated iron that have been left for that purpose. Also on the subject of wildlife, we came across a chap walking with his dog who said that the day before he had seen a mink! He reckons that this was bad news for any otters that lived nearby as minks are quite vicious little creatures. A ranger chap we met later in the day said that there had been a mink farm up in the hills that had folded financially. Apparently the caring people who managed the break-up of the assets let the cute little minks go free. These little tykes interbred with local otters (the ones they didn't eat) to produce polecats. Remember that this is told to us by a ranger in a smart uniform, so it must be true.

We walked into Sennen Cove along a gorgeous beach, but continued on past the town and on to Land's End. The reason for this was that a decision had been made not to walk tomorrow, but to take a bus to St Michael's Mount, the other side of Penzance. The weather prediction was dire and the planned walk was the shortest of the four planned days. We walked down to LE and back to Sennen Cove for the night.


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